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Sop Subarashi

SOP Subarashi is a triple health food product peptides that have been clinically tested can help you in improve the condition of several organs in your body.


- Streamlining blood circulation and oxygen
- Helps lower blood pressure
- Prevent heart disease


- Anti-hypertension
- Prevent blood clots
- Prevent cholesterol
- Prevent aggression
- thrombocyte


- Reducing the risk of stroke
- Helps maintain stability
- flow and oxygen


- Reducing the risk of diabetes
- Helps improve tolerance
- body to glucose


- Strengthens the bones
- Antikeropos bone
- Prevent Osteoporosis


- Acidhalupmat and collagen serves as a joint lubricant
- Lock the water content in the joints
- Reduce the risk of inflammation



- Prevents albumin excretion on urine (kidney leak)

Cell-Regeneration Effect

Improve Blood Circulation

Anti-Hypertendive Agent

Prevents Blood Clotting

Sop Subarashi

Ustsukushii is AFC's reliable product for skin beauty. Japanese people believe that apart f rom the heart, our gut is an important organ that works the hardest without us knowing it, the source of the disease begins with a problematic intestine. With a healthy intestine, the skin looks healthy and beauty will shine.


- Streamlining digestion
- Prevent colon cancer
- Stabilize body weight
- Detor the beginning of the diet process


- Removing poison / toxin f rom the liver
- Prevent and improve hepatitis


- Rejuvenate & moisturize the skin
- Brighten the skin
- Tighten the skin
- Repairing the skin structure
- Fade f reckles / pigmentation
- Reducing sebum production
- Shrink pores
- Reduce the black on the eye bags

What is Salmon DNA ?

Salmbon DNA adalah protein “Salmon Milt” yang dihasilkan Hokkaido Oncorhynhus Keta Salmon jantan, yang berfungsi sebagai nutrisi kulit. Para ilmuan Jepang telah menemukan keajaiban yang terkandung dalam Salmon DNA 10x lebih baik dari collagen biasa. Yang mana saat ini, Salmon DNA menjadi rahasia kecantikan selebriti top dunia.

Anti Tumor Agent

Immune - Activating Effect

Therapeutic Agent On Hepatitis C